That was great.

Twitter on Paper is now closed for business. After 15 days, a total of 1,000 requests were sumbitted by all you lovely people on the Internet, plus the rest of you who simply wanted to make me pay for the folly of offering something for free to, well, everyone.

When I made this site (which I did quickly and without a lot of thinking it through), I considered capping the requests at 500. I didn’t because, well, it seemed like it would take months to reach that many. I was expecting about 50, total.

So thanks for your interest and participation in Twitter on Paper. I will be mailing the second batch of paper tweets just as soon as I can get them bundled up. JPGs will follow right after that. (Sure JPGs could go out quicker, but where’s the fun in that? Slow email is more like real mail.)

Thank you all, very very much. I hope you enjoyed it.

Sam Potts
June 12, 2009

Option 1: Delivery by Postal Mail.

The is the original method of obtaining your own Twitter on Paper.

Twitter on Paper is only available in the United States. Requests for shipments outside the U.S. cannot be fulfilled.

Please read the About page. I cannot send you a tweet written by someone else. The Twitter on Paper service is only for tweets that I, Sam Potts, wrote. Requests for tweets by other, will be substituted with one of my own tweets. That way you still get something for free.

Tweet Options

Old Tweet on 4x 6 White Card
Old Tweet on Scrap Paper
    URL of Old Tweet:
Surprise Me

Please note that the "New Tweet" option is no longer available. Old tweets have consistently delivered a higher quality entertainment experience, and are a lot easier to generate. Any request that does not specify the URL of a tweet will be filled with a surprise.

Address 1
Address 2
Zip Code

Option 2: Twitter by JPG.

Some people may prefer not to give out their mailing address, or be in the unusual circumstance of living outside of the United States. These people should not be denied their Twitters on Paper! So I will generate a Twitter on Paper, take a picture of it, and email you a JPG. The JPG will be 800 x 600 pixels and 72dpi.

Please note that Twitter by JPG is now a "Surprise Me" service only. We cannot fulfill requests for specific tweets, or for specific types of paper. It's more fun that way, really.


Thank You.

Upon submitting, you will be taken to the About page.