743 Twitters on Paper at 24 frames per second, and somewhat low-res:

Twitter on Paper is closed. Read more here.


There is, it seems, a far greater demand for Twitters on Paper than I would have ever expected.

The first mailing is going out today, June 8, and represents the great majority of requests received since T.o.P. opened for business on May 27.

The demand for Twitter on Paper has been surprising and gratifying, to the extent that I am now concerned that a flooded market will devalue the holdings of those who bought into Twitter on Paper early and staked a claim on a fledging upstart with just a dream and a lot of different colored pens.

So, I am hereby announcing that Twitter on Paper will close up shop either (A) upon receipt of the 1,000th request or (B) at 12:00 noon EST, Friday June 12, 2009, whichever comes first. If you have been holding back for any reason, request a Twitter on Paper for yourself today!

Twitter on Paper is closed. Thank you for participating.

Twitter on Paper is not in any way affiliated or partnered with, sharing bank accounts with, trying to borrow limelight or glory from, trying to get a job at, offering to do laundry for, or in any sort of way lurking around hangdoggedly the offices of the very good and hard-working people of real actual Twitter.